Institutional Engineeering and Construction

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For the past few years The Kingstone Engineering Construction and Consulting Company Ltd (KECCO) has provided services to different institutions in Uganda and other East African Countries.

Among the clients that KECCO has served well include Non - Governmental Organisations that are building affordable structures in different communities including schools, class rooms, sanitation structures and many more.

KECCO has been instrumental from the planning stage, design stage, up to the implementation stage by providing technical Knowledge to clients and expert advice on how to economically design effective structures given the resource and budgetary constraints.

KECCO is your complete solution. We are a privately owned company whose senior management team has provided creative business intelligence and managed services to a wide range of clients for over fifteen years.


We are Available more than 9 hours a day for your service

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Location : Plot 832, Namanve Industrial Park