Our contracts are simple and concise to provide frexibility and allow proper project management so that project completion is not constrained.

Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.

All fuel, electrical materials, and service management.

Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.


KECCO engineers go through quality management to ensure proper project management and execution to enable proper use use of available resources visa vis the archtectural plans and client aspirations. It starts with recruitment of the best engineers.


All projects undertaken by KECCO start with great planning to allow for better foundation to achieve client goals and apirations. Our planning and archtectural deaprtment build from idea conception to artistic impressions to allow customer visualisation.
Architechture and planning provide the foudation for great project completion and overall customer satisfaction. As such, KECCO provides developes frameworks for effective planning of allprojects and ensures that great teams are put on the fore front of project management and execution.

KECCO is your complete solution. We are a privately owned company whose senior management team has provided creative business intelligence and managed services to a wide range of clients for over fifteen years.


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