KECCO has the very best expert engineers to to accomplish any construction, roofing, consulting, architect work for companies and indiduals with dream projects that they need to execute and finalise. The diversity of our team in realtion to our products and services is always available.
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Planning is the cornerstone of KECCO designs and projects. To give you maximum value and accomplish all the aspirations and visions of the projects, our professional architectural team will help you to build on the concepts that will guide the implementation of the project.
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Our service contracts are flexible to ensure that your dreams are perfectly fullfilled. This enables both parties to come to same understanding of outcomes and expectations.

Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.

All gasoline, electrical materials, and service provider manager.

Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.

Provide equipment, materials and labour are all per-arranged to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the project .

KECCO is your complete solution. We are a privately owned company whose senior management team has provided creative business intelligence and managed services to a wide range of clients for over fifteen years.


We are Available more than 9 hours a day for your service

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