With the safety of our employees being of paramount importance, the Directors of the company have pledged their support and warrant that they will do everything necessary and take every precaution to uphold the company safety record and implement all rules and regulations to ensure the safety of every stakeholder associated with our business.

All people are made aware, trained and monitored so as to ensure that they are able to safeguard themselves where need be. Equipment will be acquired, maintained and operated in such a manner that danger is managed. All property will be of sound construction and maintained in such a state.

The Safety Manager reports directly to the Construction Director and the Managing Director. Every site is closely monitored by the Safety Department through our Safety Officers who ensure that all staff are kept up to date with the latest courses and requirements of the Act and all relevant regulations. They also mentor and assist the site managers to set up the site safety file, records and ensure that all documentation and equipment is compliant with the Act and all relevant regulations. Monthly audits are conducted to evaluate compliance levels of our sites.

A policy of strict disciplinary action for offending parties is applied. It is the intent that endeavors are made to continually improve upon the management of all known dangers and to be proactive in identifying and managing any unknown dangers.